Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Since our last visit, there have been a lot of changes going on in the Boudreaux household! Especially with the Trioux! It has been such a fun last few weeks. The babies are really starting to get adjusted to being in daycare and we are getting back into another routine. It has been a pretty good last few weeks. This will be a quick entry to highlight the last few weeks followed by what you guys really come here for, the pictures!

In the last few weeks, they have been changing so much! I have had a lot of parents tell me that you see the most changes in your babies from about 7 months until about 1 year. I never could have imagined just how much they do change! They turned 8 months on the 28th of April and since then it has been crazy!!! About a week and a half ago Crystal and I were talking and wondering if anyone would ever start holding their bottle. Nobody showed any interest in trying to even attempt to hold their bottles. Well they fooled both of us! I was picking them up from daycare last week and their teacher and I were talking about how they were doing. She told me that Addi has been holding her bottle and feeding herself for about a week and the other two were not far behind! I was FLOORED when I heard this. All this time, they have been playing us like a fiddle! Well that night when I got home we put it to the test and sure enough Addi took her almost her whole bottle on her own!!! Just like a big girl. The other two still need some work though.

When we got the Trioux their wheels a few months back, Kate took no time at all to learn how to move in them. Within about two weeks, she was off and running over the entire house. She can now get through the tightest little spots and has learned that if she gets to the coffee table at the right angle she can reach anything on top of it! The other two would just sit there in the same spot and not move at all. If anything, they would move a backwards a little. Jack started jumping up and down in his about two weeks ago and acted like he wanted to move, but just couldn’t put it all together on how to do it. Last week my dad was over and he started calling him to move towards him. After about 20 minutes he started to get the hang of it. Now he pretty much roams around like Kate. Addi on the other hand still has no interest in moving!

Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da:
Up until now the only sounds the babies have been making are your typical babbling, crying, laughing, screaming, and did I mention crying noises. When my mom came in town for Mothers Day, she started talking to Kate a lot and all of a sudden Kate started saying da da da da da all the time, and I mean ALL the time! It is so funny to hear her say it. Last night I swear that I heard her trying to say ba ba ba! I am sure the other two won’t be far behind!

We have been battle teething for what seems like FOREVER!!! It seems like every time they get fussy, run a fever or anything like that it’s always: “their gums are hurting or they are just teething.” Over the last few weeks Addi has been running some pretty high fevers. Sometimes it would get as high as 102.5! She did not have any other symptoms so we just would give her Tylenol or Motrin and she would get a little better. Well, about the time that she finally showed us her bottle holding skill we noticed something else with her. Last Thursday she was sitting in Crystal’s lap playing and laughing. Crystal noticed a hole in her gums and that a tooth was finally trying to come in. Low and behold Friday night her little tooth finally broke the surface. She is very protective of it and won’t even let us see it. Whenever you try to pull her lip down she either sticks her tongue out over it or throws her head back so you realty can’t get a good look at it, but it is sharp as HELL!!

That is about all the changes for now. Who would have believed that Addi, our smallest and neediest would be the one with all the major firsts! Now on to the pictures!!!
Happy 8 Months Trioux
Mister Mister

Soul Sisters
Plotting Something!
Shopping Trip
Misters new golf hat
Big girl Addi holding her bottle
Nana with big girl Addi
Dirtiest (Kate)
Dirty (Jack)
Dirtier (Addi)
This is how we found Kate one night. To cute.

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  1. What did I tell ya about those dang teeth, they take forever:) Cute pictures, but why does Jack have the most hair? Girls are supposed to ;)