Monday, June 14, 2010

9 Months (A little past due)

Time for some new updates for the blog. As usual, things have been so busy around here that the blog has been put on the back burner. I am going to try and do a few updates over the next few days to get it caught up. I can tell you one thing, anyone who is reading this, has triplets and is able to keep up with their blog on a weekly basis, is MY HERO!!! Not sure how you can do it.
Oh well, here goes. Just a quick and short one tonight because all my meds are about to kick in and I will probably pass out. I hit the trifecta today, double ear infection, sinus infection and bronchitis! Crystal has an ear infection and caught pink eye from the Trioux, so we are all trying to get on the mend.

Since our last visit, we have gone a little crazy in the tooth department. Last time, Addi was the only one with a single tooth. About a week later, she proceeded to outdo her siblings again and bust through another tooth before the others. Kate did not take that too well and without us even knowing she broke through a tooth. The only way we knew it was she smiled real big that weekend while eating and there it was!!! CRAZY! Little mister didn’t get his first tooth until this last weekend, almost a month after Addi led the way. Of course he took it worse than the girls. The night before it broke through was a VERY long night! He was not a happy camper and let EVERYONE know it! Kate and Addi’s teeth are coming through so much that you can see them clearly every time they smile. It is the sweetest thing. I have been trying to get a picture of it, but they are sneaky little chicas!

Another huge milestone is that we have three movers and shakers! Of course Addi led the way and was the first to army crawl followed closely by Jack. The two of them would just pull themselves all around the play room. It was one of the best things to watch. Here is a short video of Addi and Jack racing to a toy. Who do you think won that battle?!?!? LOL! Kate was actually the last to start crawling, mainly because she wanted to learn the proper way to crawl, on her hands and knees! Once she figured it out, she was EVERYWHERE! Then Addi learned how to crawl on her hands and knees and is pulling up on everything, including her brother and sister when they are sitting up, and crawling on top of them! It is so funny to watch. I will try to get some video of that later.

Now on to the pictures. Kind of a potpourri of things, but its been a while. They are growing so fast and we are having SO much fun. They are the single greatest thing to ever happen to us! We so undeservedly blessed. I leave you with what came to mind at 6:30 on Sunday morning:

"Rise up this morning; Smile with the rising sun; Three little birds, sit on my doorstep; Singing sweet songs; a melody that's pure and true."

Align Center

Daddy and his Trioux!

I had to give him a citation for drinking and driving.

Our little princess Kate

"Let me out of here!!!"

Addi beating up on her brother

They love sitting up on their own

The Trioux Train

The Trioux with their Paw-Paw

On the move!

Everyone playing nicely for the moment!

This is our bed time feeding that is about to change. Moving to high chairs for ALL meals!

Jack after a long afternoon of fending his sisters off

"Not that way Addi!" Silly girl

Addi passed out after a long day

Our wonderful Dr. Dobak (he is the main reason we have such a healthy Trioux)

Happy Babies


  1. They are so stinking cute!!! I love the green outfits! Thanks for the update!

  2. love the update brian. i can't believe they are almost a year old! adorable.

  3. Wow you HAVE been busy!! Have you tried Hilands teething tablets? Some people swear by them. They worked for one of my boys but not my girl. I still think it is funny that little man has all the hair:) They are so cute!!

  4. Thank you for the update. They are doing so great and getting so big!! And hey - could you or Crystal come to NJ and teach my babies to hold their own bottles like yours do? Cause that would be swell... ;)