Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day

I know this entry is a little late, but better late than never!

This year, Mother’s Day was a little bitter sweet. First a little about the bitter. As some of you remember, I lost my Aunt Martha about 6 months ago to cancer. I can’t even imagine the pain that my two cousins Jenny and Amber were feeling on Sunday. I thought about them both all day long and hoped that they were doing ok. I feel guilty that I didn’t call them or send them a Facebook message. Not sure why I didn’t. Maybe I just didn’t know what to say or how to say it I guess. I just hope they know how much I love them and wish I could help with the pain. I was very fortunate to spend Mothers Day with the two most important women in my life, my mom and Crystal, and I don’t ever want to take that for granted. I am very lucky to have the two of them. We also had something weighing over us over the weekend. About a month ago, my mom had a very severe ulcer and when they did a biopsy, the doctor suspected that it might be lymphoma. Her retest was this past Monday after Mother’s Day. Luckily everything seems to be ok.

On to the sweet side! This was Crystal’s first Mother’s Day and hopefully she enjoyed it. I cooked them a good filet mignon dinner on the grill the night before and then breakfast the next morning. We spend the day playing with the kids and just enjoying the day. I am so happy and proud to have Crystal as the mother of our Trioux. She is such an amazing woman and could not imagine my life without her. Thank you dearie, I love you!
Mama and her lovies
Nana and her babies


  1. That looks like one happy momma to me!! Such a sweet "three" Mothers day treat!! They are growing so much and are too cute for words!!

  2. ok...crying over here. thank you so much for the words brian. i did get a lot of calls/texts that day, and yes, it was hard. every day is hard, but i know that mom loves me and only wants me to keep my "chin up baby" and keep pressing on. i thought about you and aunt linda all day too. it's ok about the phone call thing. i know u love me and i love you. i just want to see yall...and SOON! ugh! xo
    ps. those babies are JUST PRECIOUS! i love when you update your blog!

  3. So I'm curious: are those *glass* Dr. Browns bottles? Sure looks like it. My GGG trio are 6 and half months old and drinking from the glass Dr. Browns bottles. I've been wondering if it would be too heavy for them to hold when the time comes. But if Addi is holding glass, well, then I'm very encouraged!

    The pics with the bottle in the background look so familiar - we use the orbit labels too and have green in our collection. :)

    Your BGG are gorgeous - I love reading about each phase the trioux goes through since mine are hot on your heels.

  4. Thank you everyone!
    Jen - Hopefully soon we can all try to get together!
    The bottle are just the plain plastic Dr.Browns bottles. That is all we have ever used for them. They might be a little heavy for them to try and hold on their own. We have recently starting feeding them their bottles in their high chairs. The ones we have allows us to lean them back a little and they can use the tray to help prop them up a little for support. I will post a picture in my next post.

  5. Awesome. Thank you for responding to my question regarding the Dr. Browns bottles. I'd love to see the pic of how you prop and feed in their high chairs. My girls aren't sitting unassisted yet, so we haven't tried the high chairs.