Friday, December 11, 2009

Life at Home

I have been thinking all day on how I should start this and what all I should cover and have not been about to come up with very much. I am not a very good writer at all and don’t want to bore people with my rambling so I sometimes have a hard time coming up with what to write on here. Once I get the pressure off of myself of trying to get everyone caught up in our crazy life I think it may come a little easier.

September 17th was the day that our lives completely changed forever. That was the first day that all three were at home together. It was a little strange because that first night it was just the five of us and it was actually a little quiet. We were very fortunate the first month and a half to have someone there with is almost every day. Between Crystal’s mom, my mom and my dear sweet Aunt, we had it pretty easy at first. Looking back on it, it would have been very difficult without them. It also helped that Crystal didn’t have to go back to work until November so she had plenty of time at home. Having all the help allowed us to get into a pretty good routine without killing ourselves or each other.

The first couple of weeks were a bit of an adjustment, but I think the real adjustment came when it was time for all the help to go back home and it was just Crystal and I, That all happened just before Crystal was to go back to work also. Needless to say, Crystal was under a lot of stress and pressure. From the beginning our plan was to take the babies to daycare. We found a great daycare that was going to cut us a great deal and give us a good price, but after a lot of thought and talking to our doctor, we decided to go with a nanny. We just felt it was the best decision for the babies. They were so small and fragile we just couldn’t bring ourselves to expose them to all that comes with a group daycare. We ended up going thru a nanny service and fell in love with the first person we interviewed with. Her name is Tammy is she is wonderful with the babies, it doesn’t hurt that she is also a nurse!!! Talk about peace of mind! She has been with us now for over a month and has been great!

Well I guess that is enough of my rambling for this entry. On to what you came for... The pictures!!

Crystal with Addi, Jack and Kate

Me with Kate, Jack and Addi

Notice Jack keeping an eye on anyone. Already protecting his sisters.

(Addi, Jack, Kate)

The multitask double feeding. Crystal is much better at this than me!!

Everybody in their Bumbo's for the first time (Addi overlooking everything)

Trying to keep them quiet between feedings

Kate loves watching TV with mom

Daddy's little princesses! (Addi, Kate)

Three happy little one's!


  1. love all the pics. sounds like yhings are settleing down with you. i'm so glad the nanny is working out, that makes a huge difference!

  2. i agree, so glad the nanny is working out! i know it's a relief! they are sure growing up fast!!!!

  3. I love the cute, cute pictures. You look like pro's already! I want a nanny and I don't have 3 babies at once;)