Tuesday, December 1, 2009


As I said earlier, our NICU experience was pretty easy and was not that long. That being said, most of this post will be in pictures. I figured that would be easier than describing all the details.

Our homecoming adventure was a little strange and was an emotional rollercoaster. All three came home at different times which was a little hard. Seeing as Crystal and I are new to this whole parenting game, that kinda made it a little easier. We got used to one and then another one came home, and then another. It was VERY hard every time we left the hospital with one and had to leave one behind. Jack had the shortest stay of 16 days followed by Kate at 18 days. Addi was the last to come home at 20 days. Leaving her behind after bringing home Kate was the absolute hardest thing. Luckily they were all only two days apart from coming home.

Here are some great pictures of the Trioux’s Homecoming:

September 13th, 2009: Jack's Homecoming

September 15th, 2009: Kate's Homecoming

September 17th, 2009: Addi's Homecoming

Everyone Reunited and all in one place!!!

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  1. I love it!! What a blessing they had such a short stay. They are so so cute!! I can't get enough pictures!! Happy holiday's!