Friday, December 18, 2009

Halloween to Thanksgiving

I am almost there catching you all up on this blog and our life! Just a little more and I can start making entries that are current and not a month past due! Hopefully by the time I finish this post I will be able to start posting regular updates.

The past months have flown by and the babies are changing almost daily. It is a little hard to notice how much physically they are changing when we are with the every day, but when I start looking back at pictures of them to post on this blog, I really start to see the changes. It is AMAZING! Here is a great example of what I am talking about. The first picture was taken the week before Halloween and the second was taken last weekend.

Addi, Jack, Kate
Jack, Addi, Kate

We have had a lot of fun over the last few months now that we have settled into life with a family of five. We have been trying to take the kids out for walks as much as weather permits. We live on a very quiet street with only a few houses on it right now, so we don’t really have to worry to much about traffic for now. We have also been taking the kids with us to SAM’s whenever we need to go. For you triplet families out there, you know how those trips go, especially in a triple decker stroller. It has taken some getting used to, but so far it has not been that bad. The worst comment I have heard so far has been “Triplets, wow! I would kill myself”. Second worst: “Triplets, better you than me!” I have not had to cold cock anyone yet for trying to touch the babies, but have come close. What is it about babies that attract people to touch them!!! The hardest ones to control are other kids and the elderly. Those are the two groups that you really have to watch out for when in public. Crystal and my mother were actually brave enough to take them on a trip to Wal-Mart. I was smart and went to play golf (first time since Crystal went into the hospital). So far they have done great on our trips. Only once have we had a meltdown and luckily it was when we were leaving.

Halloween was a very fun weekend. Crystal’s parents came down from Atlanta and my mom came in from Jackson, MS and we had a big cookout. I decided to do some ribs on my Big Green Egg and we just spent the day playing with babies, taking picture, cooking and drinking a few PBR’s. Below are a few pics from that weekend. Next year will be a much more eventful Halloween. We can start to dress them up and have fun with them

The Big Green Egg Setup

Little Addi "Bones"

Our Jack "O-Lantern"

And Kate "BOO"

Thanksgiving has always been a pretty special holiday for me. I always look forward to getting all the family together and celebrating all that we have to be thankful for. This year was even more special now that we had a complete family of our own. The only dull spot on this holiday was the fact that my mom could not make it because she had to work. I really wish she could have made it. We had a good weekend though. We had almost everyone in town for this feast. It was Crystal’s parents, Keith and Paulette, her sister Marianna and her boyfriend Barry and my dad. I tried not to put too much pressure on myself and decided to cook the beloved Thanksgiving Turkey on the Big Green Egg. I had never done anything that important on the egg before. I was a little nervous and scared that I would ruin Thanksgiving if it didn’t turn out. Well, it was MUCH better than I would have ever expected. It was OUTSTANDING!!!

The bird about mid way thru cooking

The finished product

The war zone!
Our attempt at their first Christmas picture. I took this one on my iPhone while they were taking the real ones.

Later on that weekend Crystal and I went out to dinner at Stix to have a date night. After we finished eating, instead of going to see a movie, all we could think about was going home, locking ourselves in our room and watching a movie in bed ALONE! We made it almost to the end of the movie and couldn’t take it anymore. The babies were getting real upset and we had to go and help! We did get to sleep thru the night though and let the grandparents take the late shift.

This should be good for now. Next update will be all the milestones they have reached. Hopefully I will be able to get to it this weekend so the blog will be completely caught up by the end of the weekend. Now for a few more pictures of life at home with the TRIOUX.

Little Addi and Hogan napping on the couch

Addi in a milk coma

Like Father Like Son... So true!

Jack can sleep in the strangest positions! Notice the foot sticking out of the leg of the pj's!

Kate in her Bumbo. I think she is going to be our serious problem solver.
Kate passed out in the feeding boppy.

Now my favorite picture... Making bottles with Kate. I have to have my own bottle while making theirs!

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  1. How thankful we are that the holiday went well for your little family. You will learn to love the holiday's even more now that the babies are here. My husband loves your "green egg" I loved all the cute baby pictures! Happy holidays!!