Wednesday, August 19, 2009

31 weeks and counting

sorry it has been so long since I posted! the last couple of weeks have been extremely hard around here! I am becoming very homesick and have been using all my energy to stay focused on the three little reasons why I am here! last week brian decided that he would stay over every night to keep me company and in case anything happened. i know this is hard on him but it has been great to have him here with me! we are started to get really excited about the babies and talk often about who looks like who and who has who's profile. it has been wonderful!

the babies are going to be weighed and measured today...woohoo!! i never thought i would get to this point! we have had a few scares with decreased movement and low fluid levels but those things have taken care of themselves somehow and we are still here!! i did start having contractions, more pressure than pain, and my uterus is just mad at the world so they are giving me medicine to calm that a little so it doesn't effect the babies. i got an IV on monday so that has to be a good sign! i am swelling a lot in my hands, feet and face which they tell me is to be expected but it is not exactly glamorous!! haha

the docs say that they will not let me go past 34 weeks which would schedule me for September 4 but they seem to think it will be before then. i made a deal with brian that we would get to 32 weeks which is saturday but after that all bets are off!! i think about daily how blessed we have been to be in the position we are now. we came in at 21 weeks, 4 days in a critical position where we truly could have lost all three babies. the docs now tell me that they were really worried about us getting to 24 weeks/viability at that point. and yet now, we are at 100 percent survival and less than 2 percent chance of long term problems. the lord works in mysterious ways for sure. i beleive that that is one reason for me having been here, to realize and strengthen my beliefs and understand better my beliefs. i think we all at some point take things for granted and every now and then are given opportunities to wake up! in my profession, we always say that jesus is found in jail/prison, but after this experience, i have to say that i think if you want to find him, go to the antepartum floor of a women's hospital!!

i have met so may wonderful people here!! i am taking picuteres of all my nurses and will post later. they have been what got me through some of the worst bad days in my stay here!! they are truly wonderful people who care about what they do every day even when they are tired! they are an inspiration! i tell them that they are my babysitting pool!! haha

i will post later after i have the weights on the babies!!


  1. so glad to see your post crystal! i have been praying for yall and hopefully you can get some relief SOON with the birth of those little ones. so happy you shared about your faith and that you've found yourself relying on God more and more as each day that passes. that's truly what HE wants for dependence on Him. hang in there and asap with the babiess' weights! love yall!

  2. Yay!! I'm so glad you're still hanging in there. You are doing awesome - I am so happy for you!! I think it's great that Brian is staying over. Things can happen fast. If Joe had not been at the hospital with me when I went in to labor he would have missed the birth! I can't wait to see the post about your babies arrival :)

  3. Good job on the weeks!!! I know it is funny but soon enough all this will be a memory, so enjoy it,no not the right word, keep it up for your babies!!! We will continue to pray for you all...Keep going Your doing great.

  4. I got goosebumps reading your post. I am so proud of you for getting to almost 32 weeks- what a rock star! I remember those days of not getting online and accomplishing nothing but listening to baby heartbeats (sometimes all day). Get your rest now. We can't wait to hear about their arrival.