Sunday, May 22, 2011



Pawpaw called me before I left work Friday afternoon and asked if wanted to fire up the Big Green Egg and grill sausage and hamburgers for dinner. After the rough week that I had a work I thought it was a great idea. I could do everything that I love on a Friday afternoon all at once; Grill on my Big Green Egg, spend time with the Trioux outside playing, have a few cold beers and unwind (not in any type of order whatsoever).

Little did I know, I would turn unto a short order cook for the Trioux. The sausage was done first and it was pretty much their dinner time, so we let them have some of the sausage fresh off the grill. Addi and Jack COULD NOT GET ENOUGH! At first, Pawpaw was peeling the skin off, but Addi grabbed a piece of the cutting board and went to town on it! Seems as though, they are becoming very accomplished eaters! We had a great afternoon and everyone ate well. Needless to say, they went to bed without a sound!

Lined up and ready to serve

"Who needs a bite size piece?"
You have to watch her, she pretty quick!

More than a mouth full

Can't get enough

"I want MORE Pawpaw!"

Wash it all down with some high quality H2O!


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