Thursday, April 7, 2011

04/02/2011 Part 2

Jerry's Cajun Cafe

Just in case you guys out there have not been able to tell, I am not Cajun by birth, only because I was not born in Cajun country, but it runs very deep in my blood and in my taste buds! While growing up in Pensacola for most of my life, a Cajun restaurant opened up while I was in middle school in a tiny strip mall around the corner from my house that we quickly discovered had the most authentic Cajun food we ever had since our visits back to my dads home town. Jerry is a native of Baton Rouge and has the absolute best Cajun food this side of the Mississippi River! Any time we are back in Pensacola, we have to eat there. In fact, the day the Trioux was born, the grandparents and I ate there for dinner.

Naturally, while there for the reunion, we took the Trioux there for dinner. They had their first taste of true Cajun food and couldn't get enough! Enjoy!

The New Place

Jack looking over the menu How much do they look alike?
Kate with a crawfish tail
Kate loving her Nana feeding her
Addi couldn't get enough boudin
She loves to stand up and eat
The whole crew
Addi decided Grammy needed her glasses washed
Jerry and the Trioux
Matt and Marina
Ben and Andrea

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