Thursday, April 7, 2011

04/02/2011 Part 1


These two updates are the ones that have held me up so much. We took so many pictures and had so much fun that it was very tough for me to try and narrow it down to a few to post on here.

We decided a long time ago that we would not miss the NICU reunion if we had the chance to make it. It worked out pretty well for us to go this year, so we loaded the Trioux and The Nana up and headed to Pensacola for a weekend getaway. We had such a great time seeing all the nurses and doctors that made all of this possible. There were so many memories that came flooding back when we pulled up to the hospital. As many of you know, Crystal spent three LONG months at that hospital sixty miles away from home and the Trioux spent almost three weeks there as well. It made for a very long summer, but well worth it in the long run.

The Trioux seemed to have a good time running around and getting into everything. Here are a few of the MANY pictures from our fun day at the hospital.

The Crowd Cool little Man Jack

Diva Addi

Little Miss Kate
Getting into everything
The Entourage
Going on out little walk

Addi and her nurse bear
Jack would not let go of his mommy
He couldn't figure out if he wanted in or out
The Trioux's Primary Nurse Nicole

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