Friday, October 8, 2010


Ok, so it’s been a little while since I have posted anything, a month to be exact. That is not to say that I have not thought about what to say and how to get this thing going again. I think for now I will just stick to what they are up to now.

Since their birthday they have been learning and trying new things almost daily! We have since done away with the formula (THANK GOD!!!!) and moved them strictly to milk. That was actually a pretty easy transition. They got sick with a stomach bug the week before their birthday that had them puking up any formula that we put in them, so for three days they were strictly on juice, Gatorade and water. When it came time to introduce back the formula, we decided to make the switch cold turkey. They didn’t miss a beat! We did have to warm it up a little, just to knock the chill off because they had been used to room temperature formula, but it didn’t last long.

This past week we have also completely done away with the bottles!!! At first it was a BITCH, but now they are fine. We started with only giving them their sippy cups at school during the day for a few weeks to get them used to it. We would still give them one right before bed after they ate dinner and had their bath. These kids have always been the easiest to put to bed. We trained them very early by putting them to bed awake and letting them put themselves to sleep. They were so good at it that I was a little apprehensive to take away their bottle and disrupt their routine. Damn, was I right in that assumption!!! When we took their bedtime bottle away, all hell broke loose and you would have thought we were abusing these poor little ones! One night I swear Jack screamed in his bed for over an hour until he finally went to sleep. This has been the hardest week in a very long time, but after three or four days, they are pretty much back to normal! It still takes them a little longer to settle down, but that is understandable.

The biggest change so far has been the mobility. It is beginning to get a little crazy around here now. Kate was our first full blown walker. She started truly walking about three weeks ago and has not stopped since. Addi was second in the walking department a few weeks later. Poor little Addi walks like a little duck. It is so cute. We are hoping that she will straighten it up one day. As far as the little man goes, well that’s a whole different story. Poor little guy did not start actually crawling on his hands and knees until the week of their birthday! Up until then he army crawled everywhere! Over the last month or so he has gotten to where he will pull up on stuff and walk around it holding on, but won’t take a step with out holding on. Even if you stand him in front of you, all he wants to do is squat down. He is just scared to take a step. Well, this week we started putting his little Stride Rites on him and making him wear them all the time. Last night in the kitchen the little guy FINALLY took his first three steps (of course it was running to momma)! He was holding on to the corner of the cabinet and he just let go, yelled “momma” and walked to her! I didn’t believe it when I saw it so we tried it again and sure enough he did it again! Maybe the shoes were the push that he needed.

Well, that’s enough for now. Don’t want to bore you too much. Here are few pictures of our adventures of the last few weeks.

This is a preview of our professional pictures we had a few weeks ago. Will post more later!
Crazy Man Jack

Jack enjoying one of his last bottles in daddy's chair.

One of Addi's last bottles, what a big girl!

Everyone wants on the back porch with daddy!

Picking up some last minute tailgate supplies for the big game. War Eagle!

Little man getting his game day gear ready!

Papa Keith locked in with the animals!!

One of my favorite pictures of Kate ever!

We should have known that we would need to get more than one!!

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  1. good for you on the bootle thing...get them off early. Brave man you deserve a medal!!!! Yeah! They loook awesome in their wagon at the store only if I could see the heads turn lol