Monday, October 11, 2010

Quiet Weekend at Home

Not a whole lot to report about this weekend. My mom came into town to visit for the weekend and help us do some cleaning out around the house. As some of you parents of multiples out there, you can accumulate a MOUNTAIN of clothes, toys and other various stuff when you have more than one baby! We cycled out most of their summer gear and cleaned out their playroom. After a little work, we took the kids to Toy’s R Us and got them some more “stuff” to play with. I can tell already that this is going to get expensive REAL fast! Not because everything is expensive, but because it is sooooo much fun to by stuff for them. We got them one of those Little Tykes SwingAlongTM Castles for their playroom. I know, they are a little small for it, but I couldn’t resist!!! We had a gift card and coupons, so I figured what the hell! (Will have pictures to follow later)

After a long day of shopping, we settle back into the house to watch football and grill pizza on the Big Green Egg. The kids loved their pizza and so did we! Got to watch Alabama loose (YAY) and our Auburn Tigers win!

That’s about it for this weekend. Next weekend I am off to Atlanta for a guys weekend!!! Now I leave you with a few of the funniest pictures of the week!!!

"Like, come on Dad! You are so embarrassing!"

Lets only hope that this is the only ankle bracelet Jack will EVER wear!

Addi got so tired in Target this weekend she just laid back and fell asleep! She was exhausted!
Poor thing is passed out!

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