Sunday, May 24, 2009

Settling into Bedrest

Well, we are back at home and getting settled into bed rest for Crystal. Luckily she only had to stay in the hospital for one night (one of the longest nights EVER!!). We are in the process of trying to work out the logistics of Crystal being at home and on bed rest. Thank heavens my mom has been here to help out. It is going to be a little of a struggle trying to work out all the details of how to manage her during the day when no one will be here. Her mom will be coming down on Wednesday this week so she will only have to be home alone for two days this week.

We have another doctor visit on Thursday afternoon. I know Crystal will feel a lot more at ease after that visit. Please keep your fingers crossed and your prayers up to date that everything is normal.

I have been working hard trying to get the nursery finished, but have a little more work to do. I put up a new fan, shelves in closet, decorative shelf above the cribs and they names above the cribs too! Once I finish, I will put up pics of it.

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