Thursday, December 1, 2011



We had such an amazing Thanksgiving!  Only thing that would have made it better is if my mom would have been able to make it.  Here is a photo recap of the day.

Coated the bird in peanut butter.  yes those are big beers in the back ground.

Waiting on the oil to get hot.

Dropping the old bird in!

Crystal and Marianna getting things ready.

Almost time to dig in.  Kate was more than ready!

Jack was so excited!

Kate and her "pose"

Papaw waiting to dig in!

After dinner snuggle for Jack


Grammy and her Addi.

Marianna and Barry

More Cheese!


Jack is full of triptofan!

Kate took a head first dive into a table leg!  Poor thing!  After about a half hour of Papa lap, she was fine!

Addi and Papaw relaxing watching the Cowboys!

Addi loves her feetball!

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