Monday, August 15, 2011



While I was grilling steaks for everyone on the Big Green Egg this weekend, we brought out their new water table and let the Trioux get soaked for a little while.  Keith and Paulette were in town and my parents came over too, so we had a house full!  The Trioux were having a blast splashing and drinking the water out of the table.  Jack would dunk his little cup in the water and then dump it over his head.  After they were nice and soaked, my dad thought it would be funny to join in and pour water over Kate's head.  Well, what ensued was nothing short of hilarious.  Next thing we knew, each one was pouring water over the others head!  Believe it or not, the Trioux found it just as funny as we did and didn't get into the first fight!  It was so much fun to watch!

Playing nicely with the water

Everyone had to drink some.

Here comes Papaw to start the fun.

It started with Kate getting poured on by Papaw.

Then she got Jack.

And then got him some more.

Even Addi got into it.

Kate got Addi.

Addi after being soaked by Kate.

Getting it from Papaw.

Then she got it from Jack.

And to complete the cycle, Jack poured it on Kate.

On another note, who has been standing in the chairs?!?!

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